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Client: UpFlow brewing
UpFlow brewing
About UpFlow Brewing:

UpFlow brewing is a modern day collective of beer lovers who live life to its fullest.

To help us live more present and more alive in the moment, we set out each day to brew the world’s best tasting beer, with no alcohol. This is the way that we make the most of our time on the planet.

We hope you love our beers as much as we do and that they help you on your journey, with making small choices that help you live present, clearer and more full of life.


We brew UpFlow beers authentically from pure malt, yeast, hops and water, nothing added or removed. This creates our distinctive, full flavour, so that you can enjoy your favourite beer, with no downsides.

We hope you agree that it’s the world’s best tasting beer, with no alcohol.

Marketing and Services:
  • Instore Tasting
  • Social Media
  • Distribution
  • Brand Developement
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